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The small coffee leaf with great potential

Twisted Leaf is the 1st company in the world to produce sustainable, refreshing and natural beverages with coffee leaves - a natural waste product that usually is burned

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Coffee farmers across the world’s coffee growing belt should prune and stomp their coffee trees throughout the year to increase yield output and quality of coffee cherries. However, burning the leaves is a massive waste of potential and resource. Despite their size, coffee leaves hold tremendous potential as a food ingredient, unique nutrients and as a new crop that could lift millions of smallholder farmers out of structural poverty and provide an important incentive to cultivate coffee in the right way. You can therefor easily enjoy our innovative beverages with a good conscience while creating a new revenue stream for smallholder coffee farmers and their families.


We have 4 tasty and refreshing varieties: Two with alcohol and two alcohol-free and without added sugar.

Significant for all of them are that their dry tea like body is fused with freshly pressed ingredients giving them a natural refreshing and thirst-quenching body.

They are ideal as refreshments in the afternoon and suitable as a welcome drink, aperitif or as an alcohol-free alternative. The natural dry body from the coffee leaf also makes it a superb complement and suitable to your favorite meal.

Our story

"We believe that everthing in nature holds value especially the coffee leaf"

The idea behind Twisted Leaf started when Magnus worked for a Danish Ethiopian specialty coffee company, Impact Roasters. The Ethiopian founder told Magnus of the traditional usage of coffee leaves as a herbal tea-like warm drink called "kuti" or "Chamo" depending on the area and ingredients. After having tasted "kuti" Magnus sought to figure out if coffee leaves would be suitable to make iced tea on. He presented the beverage as an iced tea for his best friend Anders, which had 10 years of experience from the business, and the whole idea of making cold blends based on coffee leaf. They quickly agreed that coffee leaf had a unique body, taste, and base for a future enterprise – Twisted Leaf. But they also agreed that the world’s first beverage made on coffee leaves should always be crafted and brewed out from three mandatory principles: 1 Never compromise on taste 2 Always use all-natural and sustainable ingredients 3 Twisted Leaf belongs to the world However, little did they know when they started that what they were setting out do was illegal as coffee leaves were not a recognized food ingredient in the EU. In 2017 the two friends therefor set out on a journey to get the coffee leaf recognized as a food ingredient in the EU, to produce their first prototypes rooted in their three principles. In the fall of 2020 Twisted Leaf could finally launch their products having tested two prototypes and having received an approval of listing coffee leaves as a food ingredient under the EU Novel Food system.

Drink with a good conscience

When you buy a Twisted Leaf you support smallholder coffee farmers and their families in Kenya and Uganda which are among the most vulnerable farmers in the world.

By upcycling coffee leaves from natural waste to a crop and food ingredient we create a whole new stream of revenue for the farmers which has tremendous impact for the coffee farmers and their families we are doing trades with:

->Totally new crop and a much-needed source of revenue: We have managed to double the yearly revenue for our first coffee farmer Charles

-> New local jobs: We already employ 2 persons on a full-time basis responsible for procurement and coordinating sourcing of coffee leaves in Kenya

-> Better living conditions for smallholder family farms in Kenya & Uganda: It has enabled Charles, our first coffee farmer, to afford health insurance for his family and secondary education for his children.

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View udover Charles' 2,5 hektar kaffefarm


In 2017 we discovered that coffee leaves are so much more than just leaves. They are full of nutrients, antioxidants, and natural caffeine. When dried, processed and infused correctly the leaves provide a delicate floral, naturally sweet and dry refreshing drink. The ideal base for incredible refreshing, delicious, all-natural and sustainable beverages. The perfect beverage and choice for people that appreciate and welcome sustainable products that is good for your well-being and health.


Feel free to contact us

Magnus Meyer Harrison

Founder & CEO

[email protected]

+45 30 882 882

Anders Boserup Lauritsen

Founder & Business Developer

[email protected]

+45 30 814 814